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Workshop Day 2 featuring Emily Bloom by Holly Randall

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Workshop Day 1 featuring Carlotta Champagne by Holly Randall Today's photo set may be mainly of interest to our member photographers or hobbyists - this is from a recent lighting workshop, where we used various lenses, focal lengths, and strobe arrangements to capture a number of different looks of local fashion model, Kathleen. You'll notice the longer lenses make her look a bit heavier ("the camera adds 10 pounds!"), while wide angles appear to stretch the face and body somewhat. The lighting was kept as a single source, off to the side, which also adds to the drama, especially with the wide lenses. Customer service is what sets Stella Cox's tailor service apart, her hands-on approach to pleasing any customer who comes in looking for a suit made-to-measure. When Kai Taylor walked into her shop, a frisson of erotic desire rippled through Stella's crotch, and she just had to get her hands on his athletic body that very minute. Stella held it together long enough to pull her measuring tape across his broad back, but when she pulled the tape up his leg, she fixated on the shape of his cock bulging against his trousers. Once Stella got her hands on Kai's impressive cock, she had to see if she could deepthroat every inch, then she let Kai facefuck her mouth. Watch how Kai filled Stella up, her big natural boobs bouncing as she road his cock on the floor of her workshop! An additional update today to the series of erotic art nudes we shot of dark haired beauty Marie, during a workshop in the California studio. Liz Ashely returned to California recently for a private workshop with a budding young photographer. Here's a series I took as we set up the lights and did a few portraits. We have a fun video clip of this session coming up next. "In Full Bloom": featuring Lexi Bloom by Holly Randall Amber is back, with a new photo set made during a group workshop in the Oakland studio. The first part of this series was done as we fine-tuned the lighting, so you'll see her just relaxing with a cup of tea as changes are made and settings adjusted. We also have some video of this workshop coming up soon. Ashlie Madison keeps her perky tits covered by just her suspenders as she spends a little time in the workshop Eolma featuring Emily Bloom by Marlene Xenity featuring Emily Bloom by Alex Iskan Tremie featuring Emily Bloom by Arkisi "Lexi Loves Latex": featuring Lexi Bloom by Holly Randall
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