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Sapphira A slips out of her little outfit and plays with her lady parts in the sun

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Sapphira A: "Kallu" by Luca Helios The magnificent and sexy Sapphira finds herself alone this morning and is feeling a little frisky. What's a girl to do? Well, in Sapphira's case, the answer is simple... give herself some well deserved pleasure. She knows her body well and is the perfect person to make sure she gets the pleasure she is craving this morning. Sure, she'd love a man to be there helping her, but she's quite capable of pleasuring herself. Her fingers are very in touch with what she knows feels good and she takes her sweet time using them. Her pussy is so sweet and sensitive that all she needs to do is touch it in the right place and... well, we won't spoil it for you. :) You'll have to come inside and see for yourself just how magnificent this magnificent lady really is... enjoy! :) Hot babe Sapphira plays with her pussy on top of the dining table Sparkling in the early morning sunlight like the precious jewel that she is, Sapphira likes to take a moment to herself before she starts her day. Slowly stripping down to nothing, she runs her delicate fingers across soft skin, working herself into a frenzy of erotic anticipation. The passion builds as Sapphira rubs her sensitive swollen clit, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm with every passing second. Finally, she gets release as her body rocks in the throes of passion, and she is finally ready to start her day. Sapphira A: "Bidra" by Deltagamma Sardat featuring Sapphira A by Deltagamma 22 Apr 2016 - Mirrored Sensuality - 18:41 film - Sapphira 17 Jun 2016 - Fruit Queen - 10:33 film - Sapphira 10 Apr 2015 - Skiing - 17:05 film - Sapphira Sapphira A: "Alairet" by Alex Lynn Dolles featuring Sapphira A by Luca Helios Sajira featuring Sapphira A by Dave Lee
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